Human Form Books
Figure Sculpting 2<br>Philippe Faraut
Figure Sculpting 2
Philippe Faraut
The second volume in our figure sculpting book series has finally arrived! Thank you to everyone for your support over the past few years while we put this one together.

Philippe Faraut - Figure Sculpting Volume 2
Volume 2 of this series addresses issues that arise after the fundamental skills of modeling anatomy have been grasped. Written for the 3D artist, whether digital or traditional, techniques for applying gesture and drapery to enhance and bring life to sculptures of the human form are discussed referencing more than 100 of Philippe Faraut's sculptures. In addition, step-by-step demonstrations including topics such as modeling stylized body types and multi-figure sculptures are shown through the use of over 600 photographs.

Further Features include:
  • The illusion of translucent fabric.
  • Examples of the anatomy of folds.
  • Exercises for modeling clothing & leather.
  • Methods for creating armatures.
  • Techniques to improve speed.
  • Hollowing techniques for complex figures.
Figure Sculpting<br>Volume 1:<br>Planes & Construction Techniques in Clay
Figure Sculpting
Volume 1:
Planes & Construction Techniques in Clay
In their third book on modeling techniques in clay Philippe and Charisse Faraut present a comprehensive approach to the complex subject of the human figure. Over 700 photos and illustrations are used to demonstrate series of exercises for the head, torso, arms, hands, legs, feet and full figure that promote rapid progress while learning the anatomy specifically relevant to the 3D artist. The traditional clay sculptor, as well as the digital sculptor, will find information on structure, planes, balance and the subtle details that are required in order to master this art.

Further Features include:
  • Small to life-size sculpture studies
  • Step-by-step demonstrations
  • Rhythm lines and S curves
  • Illustrations for bones and muscles
  • Numerous examples of hands and feet
  • Firing and finishing techniques
Figure Sculpture in Wax and Plaster
Figure Sculpture in Wax and Plaster
Step-by-step guide to materials and tools, modeling in wax and plaster, hollow wax modeling, plaster molds, and much more. Written by Richard McDermott Miller. 175 pages.
Mastering Portraiture
Mastering Portraiture
In this follow-up book to Portrait Sculpting: Anatomy & Expressions in Clay, Philippe Faraut expands on modeling the human face in water-based clay featuring more than 100 new busts. Designed for the advanced artist, this text utilizes nearly 600 photographs including 64 full-page images to analyze the requirements for capturing a likeness. By Philippe & Charissse Faraut, 230 pg
Portrait Sculpting
Portrait Sculpting
550+ photos of 65 different sculptures are used to show a series of exercises organized in a progressive manner. For art students; painters, illustrators, forensic artists and sculptors interested in accurately depicting the human face. By Philippe & Charissse Faraut, 224 pg