Fibers & Fillers
E-Glass Chopped Strands
Commonly used as reinforcement in Forton MG. 1 1/2" chopped fiber glass-soft
Glass Micro Balloons
General purpose lightweight filler for use in polyurethane resins.
1 lb  
10 lb  
1/8" Nylon Mini Fiber
Great for adding strength as well as a thickening agent for silicone and urethane rubbers. Can be added to urethane resins also.
1 lb  
Fiberglass Veil
A fiberglass fabric that is great for use with Forton for mother molds. Can be used with other materials also. 3/4" x 30" Approximately 150 yards per roll - $5/yd. Call for shipping quote.
2 yds  
Long natural fiber. The traditional reinforcement for plaster mother molds.
1 lb  
5 lb  
10 lb  
36 to 39 lbs.  
Polyethylene Fiber-Short Stuff
Great filler for urethane resins and an excellent thickening agent for silicone and urethane rubbers. Same product as Poly Fiber II ~1 lb
1 gal bag  
15 lb  
5 lb